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CJ Industries Brondesbury Park Garden Centre.     Cardigan.  Ceredigion. SA43 1NA Tel/Fax:01239 615300

drill sharp

std sharp

ezy use

auto sharp


workshop grinder


We produce a superb range of sharpeners for hobby users and professional workshops.

Chainsaw round files.

chainsaw files

Our base model is powered by a drill.

Sharpener for chainsaw

The next level is a range of machines powered with a standard motor, the disc is propelled via a small toothed belt.These machines are suitable for operators sharpening up to twenty chains per week.

Models include:

manual advancement for the chain,

manual sharpener

an easy use carriage for faster sharpening,

ezy use sharpener

an automatic advance,

auto sharp

on bar sharpener

,on bar sharp

115volt for USA customers

grinder for USA customers

The next level has a range of machines powered by a permanent magnet motor, drive to the disc is direct (the disc is mounted directly onto the motor shaft). This machine is ideal for sharpening twenty plus machine every week.

Models include:

manual advancement for the chain

Pro moto standard sharpener

an easy use carriage for faster sharpening

pro motor ezy use grinder

an automatic advance,

pro auto sharpener


on bar sharpener,

pro motor on bar sharpener


workshop sharpener

Our top of the range machine is suitable for workshop use, robust in construction, accurate and fast to use. We regularly sharpen around 20 to 30 chains per day in our workshop with this machine.

Replacement Discs grinder disc