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The builder reserves all the laws on the present manual that could not be reproduced, also
partially, without written authorization. The builder reserves the law of modify manual dictum
in each his part or contained, without warning.
Carefully observe the instructions given in this manual
to ensure safe operations and good results. Before
starting any work, check this manual and refer to it for important details or when you do
maintenance. You can find a spare Ref Number in the exploded drawing at the back of this
manual. Do not
remove the sticker with all the engine technical specification from the Grinder. All the work
not mentioned in
this manual must be done by an authorised repair shop Use only original replacement parts
to assure
optimum performance and safety.
Attention: Always wear protective goggles when connecting to power supplies and using the
Machine; Chain Saw Sharpener for chain saw and electric chain saw.
Models: 220Vac - 50Hz - 85W
Grinding wheel dimensions: Oext.100mm(3.9Q"); thi. 4.5mm (0.175"),"ins.22mm(0.858")
Attention; use original grinds guaranteed only up to 5.600 rpm. A
Maximum speed: 4.500 rpm
Sound pressure level : 75.0 /101 LpA/ LwA (dB(AJ)
Level of Vibration transmitted to the handle : <2.5 aw(m/s2)
Type of chains envisaged: pitches. 1/4" - .325" — 3/8" - .404"
Weight of complete machine: 2,44Kg (5,46pounds)



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The Chain Saw Grinder is guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for 24
months from the
date of purchase shown on the bill of parcel, invoice or receipt (to be shown at the lime of
reparation) The
guarantee covers the parts that will come exclusively compare defective to the origin and it
doesn't cover
damages caused from other sources or atmospheric or environmental causes (lightning, etc.)
The guarantee will be invalidated if:
1. The saw chain grinder is tampered with.
2. The saw chain grinder is not used as described in this manual.
3. Non-original and/or unauthorised parts, tools or grinding wheels are mounted on the
4.The saw chain grinder is connected to power supplies with different specifications to those
shown on the sticker.
The machine must be used exclusively by adults that:
1) He has read the operating procedures and safety rules.
2} Avoid any wrong positioning. Never allow children to operate the machine. Do not allow
adults to operate it without proper instruction.
3) The saw chain grinder must be only used by persons in good health who fully understand
Hie usage.
4) Before starting the machine, always wear safety goggles.
5) Do not remove, damage or otherwise render ineffectual the safety device; or the grinding
wheel guard, never modify any part of the machine
6) Do all the machine setup procedure, the grinding wheel assembling and disassembling
when the machine is switched off and the plug is removed from the power socket.
7) Always use electric cables, plugs and sockets in good conditions and within specification.
The electrical connection must be made in such a way as to prevent people or other
machines from damaging ii and causing a dangerous situation.
8) If the connecting cable is damaged do not switch on the machine. Remove the plug form
the power socket with extreme caution. For repairs or replacements contact your dealer or
authorised service centre.
9) Make sure that the feeding cable is far from the grinding area. Do not perform chain-
grinding operations near other power cables.
10)Place the grinder on the workbench in a comfortable position for the operator. The working
area must be free of tools and other objects, and for from any flammable materials. During
grinding the grinding wheel generates sparks which could cause fires or explosions
11) Do not place the grinder at the operator eye level A for an easier and safer grinding
procedure the machine must be below the eye level.
12)Always keep the grinder and especially the handgrip clean and dry.
13)Before starting grinding operations, take away all the unnecessary people around your
working area,
who do not wear safety goggles, and do not know the use of the grinder 14} Follow the
instructions given for maintenance, never work with a damaged grinder. 15) During grinding
procedure, always hold the handgrip.
1. Before using the saw chain grinder, make sure that the grinding wheels are in perfect
condition To do this, hang them up from the central hole and tap their edge lightly with a non
-metal object (for example, a screwdriver handle). If they are in good condition they will
produce a metallic sound
2. A dull sound indicates that the grinding wheel is cracked or broken and should not be
used, if this is the case, do not use the grinding wheel and utilise one with the above
3. Only use grinding wheels as mentioned at point "Specification". Never force a grinding
wheel onto the machine or change the diameter of the mounting hole.
4. installing a grinding wheel with the flange too tight could result in breakage or disintegration
during operation. To avoid this risk, tighten the screw manually with care. Use only clean, flat
flanges to fit grinding wheel
5. Once the grinding wheel is mounted, refit the grinding wheel guard before switching on the
6. Always test grinding wheel for at least a minute at operating speed before carrying out
grinding. During this operation, keep away from the wheel and make sure no one else is
standing in line of the wheel rotation trajectory
7. If the grinding wheel is found to vibrate when starting up or operating the machine, stop it
immediately cutting the power off Check that the grinding wheel is fitted correctly and that the
grinding wheel is not damaged. Before grinding again repeat the above test.
Attention! Never try to stop the grinding wheel with your hand, even if you wear safety gloves.
Touching the grinding wheel when it is turning at high speed con cause burs and abrasions. A
1) Place and store the grinder in a dry place, and avoid contact with the ground Do not
expose it to rain; do not use it in place where the air can be impregnated with flammable or
explosive gas ot liquid.
2) Do not wear bracelets, other jewellery or loose-fitting clothing; it is liable to come into
contact with the grinding wheel and grinding area.
3) Do not use extension cables that are defective and/or do not meet applicable standards.
4) During the grinding wheel and the motor operating test, verify that the machine stops when
release the O red switch. If this does not happen contact your dealer or authorised service
5) For grater sensitivity of touch, it is not obligatory to wear gloves. To avoid the risk of cutting
yourself, move the chain by gripping it correctly on the rivet and not on cutting section.
6) Attention! to avoid the risk of cutting yourself, move the chain by gripping it correctly on the
rivet and not on cutting satisfactorily.
7) Attention! the machine has been designed exclusively to sharpen chains for chainsaw and
electric chain saw. Any improper use is forbidden, do not use other tools than grinding
wheels (DO NOT use knives, saw bonds, miller, etc.), do not grind and/or cut other objects.
8) Attention! To grind a chain on an electrical saw, disconnect the electrical saw's POWER
CABLE from the mains.
9) Do not use the machine when you are tired.
!0) The machine must not be used at different voltages from the ones specified on the
sticker on (he
machine 11) Contact your dealer for repair and/or replacement of defective or worn machine
ports not describe in
this manual.
The machine is supplied in a recyclable cardboard box. The box must be handled with care
and must not be knocked while being moved.
1. Attention! Ail the operations of maintenance to be done only with electrical power supply
2. The machine must be kept clean so the technical data stickers and the scales are clearly
visible. For cleaning DO NOT use compressed air. use a rag or brush for cleaning
3. Replace the grinding wheel when it has reached a diameter lower than 75 mm (2.95")
4. For repairs or replacements contact your dealer or authorised service centre Use only
OEM spare parts.
The Sharpener is made of up to 95% recyclable materials. Even the cardboard box is
recyclable. Do NOT discord them in the environment, if you decide to permanently stop the
use of the grinder, we kindly ask you to place the scraps in the dedicated containers.
We declare that the new machine is complies with the requirements of the directives
98/37/CE - 73/23 GEE - 89/336 GEE and subsequent, amendments and supplements.
a) Assemble the machine as shown in Fig. 1.
b) Verify that the workbench, where the grinder will be fixed, conforms to the specifications
mentioned in the section "SAFETY" and "RESIDUAL RISK'. Install the grinder with nuts and
bolts (which are not supplied) in proportion to the thickness of your bench. Check the
fastening before use.
Attention! All adjustment must be made with the machine turned off and with the electrical
supply disconnected.
1. Clean the chain before grinding (wash it petrol or solvent).
2. Insert the bar of the chain saw inside the grinder and make sure that the chain is not
making contact with the grinder otherwise it cannot flow Fig. 1.
3. Regulate the correct height of the bar by making sure it lines up to the upper part of the bar
of the chain saw with the upper part of the grinder Fig. 2. Clamp the bar with the two large
Knobs (11) that are found below the chain carrier. Fig. 3.
4. Adjust the knobs (12) so that the chain is not too elevated above the Tongues of the guides
5. Adjust the Knobs (9) to rotate the Motor (2) to the necessary angle, according to the type
of chain Fig.4. Re-screw and tighten well the Knobs (9). All the chains have an equal number
of left teeth and right teeth, according to the select inclination to position, the correspondent
first tooth to be sharpened, in front of the Chain (13)
8. Grasp the Body Motor (1) with a hand and the handle of the Sleigh (3) with the other hand,
to push the Motor body (1) and pull it toward the Sleigh (3) so that the cutter goes to coincide
with the abrasive grindstone Fig 5
7. Regulate the Handwheel (7) so the Chain (13) moves towards or backwards in relation to
the abrasive grindstone so that it brings the tooth to be sharpend to the correct distance Fig
8. Regulate the Hand wheel (6) so that the Motor (1) meets the chain and does not cut into
the chain shoulder.
9. To perform 3 or 4 movements to verify that the chain advances in the correct way, if
everything works without difficulties you are ready to sharpen the chain.
Attention! To avoid damage of the cutters don't force the sharpening wheel, removing only a
small quantity of material and avoid heating the cutter by grinding for too long.
Attention! Always wear protective goggles during all the grinding procedure. 1) Grasp with
both hands the sleigh (3 in Fig. 8 and drag it toward the grinding wheel. Maintaining a hand
on the Sleigh (3) grasp the Body Motor (1) with the other hand, press the red button to start
the motor and move the grindstone towards the cutter to sharpen. Release the red button,
grasp the Sleigh (3) again with both the hands and bring it again to the initial position for
sharpen the following tooth. Perform this procedure for all the teeth that correspond to the
cutters for that side of the chain.
2) You must now sharpen all the teeth on the other side of the chain, by changing the control
Knob (9),to alter the chain to the other side.
If the chain has been ground more than once, the chain depth limiting gauge might be too
high with respect to the tooth and preventing the tooth to cutting correctly. Lower the depth
gauge by using a fiat file Fig. 11 or an appropriate grinding (not supplied).