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Sanli Products

A brand new range of equipment to the UK.

Sanli Blower Vacuum

Garden Vacuum

•Powerfull leaf blower and leaf vac.
• SANLI engines ensure reliable, economical power delivery.
• Compact, ergonomic design.
• Easilly converted from garden leaf blower to leaf and debris vacuum.
• Superior leaf blower vac with steel mincing blades allowing
debris to be shredded... giving longer intervals between emptying the bag.
Shredded debris composts quicker.
• Fuel primer fitted to the blower vac engine allowing faster, quicker cold starts.

• This leaf vac is a high performance machine which
quickly and easilly converts into a garden blower giving you the best of both worlds....
Use the Garden blower to gather the leaves, grass clippings and other debris
and pick them up and shred with the garden vacuum.


Motor: SANLI two-stroke, single cylinder
Two Year Sanli warranty

Garden Blower


PRICE: ONLY £169.00